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copy of Museo Sa Bassa Blanca

Price €38.46

The incorrigible magpie instincts of the founders have over the last 50 years led to this eclectic trove of some 2000 objects being amassed, of which 925 are permanently exhibited. Some are extraordinary, many excellent, others more modest or just simple three-dimensional renderings of an idea. All are not by 'names' but are works that are the expression of the eyes and hearts of the founders. Many were made or given by them, some were inherited, others were received as donations but most were purchased privately or at auction. As the custodians come to the end of their watch at the museum it seems correct to leave a precise record of the art now owned by the foundation that can be shared with our public.

Perspectivas (1984-2002)

Price €28.85

Catalogue of Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu retrospective exhibitions curated by Pablo Rico, Palacio de Sástago, Saragossa. Texts by Pablo Rico and others in Spanish and English.

Ben Jakober - Yannick Vu

Price €28.85

 “A book is always the space of cohabitation of the image with the world. In this particular case this book is a kind of space in which three artists live: Ben Jakober, Yannick Vu, and a third artist, the fruit of a spiritual, cultural and creative marriage: Ben Jakober plus Yannick Vu. A cohabitation between “three artists”, whose evident different personalities are in fact, also the interactivity between the differences.” – Achile Bonito Oliva


Piccoli Principi

Price €28.85

A general text by Yannick Vu in Italian concerning the ideal collection of portraits of children chosen from important museums worldwide.

Una mirada subjetiva...

Price €28.85

Catalogue of Ben Jakober and Yannick Vu retrospective exhibition, Castillo de Santa Bárbara, Alicante. Texts by curator Pablo Rico and others, in Spanich and English. Published by Fundación Eduardo Capa, Alicante, 2001.

Extravaganza, o el otro...

Price €26.92

The historian Leïla el-Wakil is the author of "Extravaganza, or the other Hassan Fathy". In this work we find an explicit description of the construction process of msbb's most emblematic building.