Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of Application

These sales terms and conditions shall apply strictly to all sales of products carried out in Spain via this web page to the customer (any individual or legal entity) by the FUNDACIÓN YANNICK Y BEN JAKOBER (hereinafter referred to as “the Foundation”).

Any purchase order made to the Foundation necessarily implies, as an essential, decisive and necessary condition, the unreserved acceptance by the customer of the General Sales Conditions in force on the day on which said order is placed.

The fact that at any given time the Foundation may not apply any of the present conditions can not be interpreted as nor be equivalent to the waiver of the application of these conditions.

"Contract" is understood as the purchase and sale operation that is implemented through this document.

"Product" is understood as the merchandise to be purchased.

The interpretation and execution of the conditions, as well as all consequential actions, will be subject to Spanish law, except when public order statutes are in opposition to this.

2. Register as Customer

Registration as a customer on the Foundation’s web site is an essential condition for the purpose of:

• Making a purchase
• Checking the status of pending orders
• Verifying or modifying personal data
• Creating a list of ”favourite products”

You can register as a customer by filling out the registration form, which you can do at any time you are asked for access identification ("login" page). Please note that the information you include in the registration form will appear as "billing information" when you place an order. Immediately after completing the form and sending the information, you will receive a welcome email with your registration information.

Your email address and a password are the data that identify you as a customer. If you forget your password, select the corresponding option and it will be sent to your email inbox.

You may modify your personal information (change of address, email address, etc.) at any time. If you place an order, the data currently registered will be applied to that order.

3. How to Order Merchandise

The purchase order may be made in the Spanish, Catalan, English, or German languages. Orders will be accepted only from registered customers (see previous point).

From the “Shopping Cart” page, after clicking on the "confirm" button, you will form with detailed information about shipping and payment options.

When you confirm your purchase order, your current registration data will be used in the creation of an electronic document that will be archived by the Foundation and not externally accessible. Any errors in your registration data should be correct before the order is made. If errors are detected subsequently, please report them to the Foundation immediately.

4. Product information

The photographs that show the products are given as an indication. The texts accompanying these photographs reproduce the information contained in the packaging or in the product documentation.

Any differences between the photographs and the products themselves will be minimal and not affect the essential characteristics of the products. The colours of the products displayed on the on-line shop pages may differ from the actual colours of the product.

5. Price

All prices are indicated in euros and include VAT. The price billed to the customer is the price indicated in the order confirmation issued by the Foundation.

6. Payment

Payment for products may be made by any of the means given below, at the buyer's choice:

• Through the PAY PAL system.

The Foundation will send the corresponding invoice to the customer at the time of delivery of the order. The charge to the credit card will be made at the time of shipment.

7. Confirmation of Receipt

Within 24 hours of receipt of a purchase order, the Foundation will issue a confirmation of receipt of the order, containing all purchase details.

8. Billing and Shipping Information

The billing and shipping data are those that appear in the customer's registration form. Shipping data must be entered on the order form only when the details are different from those given on the customer registration form.

Shipments will be made via a courier service direct to the address given, but not to post office boxes.

9. Preparation of the Order

The Foundation will prepare and ship merchandise within two working days of receipt of payment.

It is the customer’s obligation to supply an address at which deliveries can be made within business hours, and when this obligation is not met the Foundation declines all responsibility for non-deliveries or delays.

10. How to Check the Status of an Order

To check the status of your pending orders, you must click on "My Account", at the bottom of the web page. After identifying yourself ("login" page) you can access your order page, where you will find the outstanding products listed by date of order and an indication of the current status.

11. Delivery Times

The normal periods for delivering merchandise to the customer, starting from the date of shipping, are as follows:

• Shipments to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands: 3 to 5 working days.
• Shipments to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 5 to 7 working days.
• Shipments abroad: 6 to 8 working days.

The Foundation will notify the customer by email when the shipment is made.

Upon receipt of the merchandise, the customer will sign a receipt form, and may add observations and comments on the form. By signing the receipt form, the customer acknowledges receipt of the number of packages indicated thereupon. If the customer observes damaged products or missing products, he or she must make a claim to the Foundation by email within four (4) days.

The customer will be liable for any additional costs incurred when the initial delivery cannot be completed reasons attributable to the customer.

12. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs will be added to the total price of the order. If it is an order of several products, the Foundation will deliver them as a single shipment whenever possible and when to do so will not occasion a significant delay.

The final cost of the shipment is always the one that appears on the invoice issued by the Foundation.

13. Shipments Outside the EU

Expenses arising from customs duties in non-EU countries are not included in the price of the product.

International regulations of parcel shipments oblige the sender to attach an official invoice in triplicate as accompanying documentation, without which no shipment may be processed. This documentation enables the customs agencies of the country of destination to calculate the applicable charges.

These charges must be paid by the customer on receipt of the shipment

In shipments to non-EU countries, the Foundation will not be liable for payment of taxes, customs duties or other charges.

 14. Right of Refusal

The customer may return merchandise for a refund or a credit to his or her account within seven (7) days of the receipt of the order. Goods must be undamaged, and returned in the original packaging, along all accessories and documentation, plus a copy of the invoice. They must be returned to the following address:
Sa Bassa Blanca Museum
Es Mal Pas – Alcudia
07400 Mallorca

The return of items will occasion no charge to the customer, and the Foundation will reimburse the amount paid by the customer within 30 days.

15. Force Majeure

Delivery times may be affected by circumstances beyond the control of the Foundation or the carrier, such as strikes, weather incidents, public disorder, traffic accidents, etc. The Foundation will accept no responsibility for such delays.

16. Security and Confidentiality

Transmissions of all personal data are made through SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a system that guarantees the confidentiality of the data sent. The personal information requested is always strictly necessary. The Foundation undertakes to use such data solely for the purposes agreed to and not to transfer or sell it to third parties under any circumstances. This data is stored in the database of the Foundation. From the web page the customer may access and alter personal data at any time, and request its deletion.

17. Warranty

All merchandise is guaranteed against hidden defects, and any defective merchandise will be replaced or the payment refunded. However, the guarantee is not valid for damage due to improper handling, or failure to abide by the instructions for the use and care of the product. It is the buyer’s responsibility to read all the instructions and recommendations that are provided.

18.- Contact the Foundation

For any questions or requests you may contact the Foundation by any of the following channels:
Telephone: +34 971 549 880
E-mail: mail@msbb.org